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Meet the Hosts

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Char is a Media Production student from Vancouver, BC. She has always had a passion for everything creative but her number 1 passion is music. She turned this passion into a job and is now part of a DJ duo called CherryCity. Char is so excited to be working on this podcast and can’t wait for what’s to come!
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Gabi is a creative industries student based in Toronto. She has  a passion for all things media-related, including graphic design, video editing, and editorial production. Gabi is eager to immerse her in this new median, using her journalistic skills to 
connect with new people and learn more about the creative industries.

Introducing Project Utopia Live

 a brand new podcast hosted by Gabi and Char!


Get ready as we bring on amazing guests to share their journeys in the various creative industries. From what they do to how they got there, plus valuable tips and insights for all of us! 

Stay tuned for the first episode! 🎙️💜

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Interested in being on our show?

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