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We have partnered with two companies who are very relevant to what we do here at Utopia. Make sure to check out what they do and what they stand for below. You can find more information by clicking on their logo. If you have any questions regarding sponsorship or partnership options - please contact us today !

Exhibit Media

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Exhibit Media is a new media/news company based out of Downtown Toronto, and lead by students from Toronto Metropolitan University. They focus on creating content that tells a story; from photography, to written articles to video content. We are so happy that they have decided to join us at Project X to film video content of our event. Click on their logo to learn more!


Delivery with nimbus provides the most efficient same day delivery solution for all types of businesses from pet stores, clothing stores, flower shops to pharmacies. We will get your package to your customers door steps at an affordable rate. 

Get started today:

  1. go to on your computer and click login then register (click on logo to your right)

  2. enter your pickup information

  3. verify your phone number and email

  4. add balance to your account

  5. place an order and schedule same-day pickup

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